Bristlecone | May 2024

How to Make Hamantaschen for the Jew-Ish
The Day Is Bright, but the Drapes Have Blacked It Out
The Anatomy of Poetry
I Kissed a Woman and Killed a Man (and the Guilt I Feel Is Equal)

A Map to What’s Loved
A Mother Stone Among the Ancestral Rockies
Among Trees: A Litany

Alley-Hattie Considers John Sprockett:
Town of Quarry, Colorado Territory, 1870
Letitia Lofton, Dressmaker, After the Shootout:
Quarry, the Colorado Territory, 1870
John Sprockett Considers Micah Dabney:
Quarry, Colorado Territory, 1870

Trail Babies

Cats Cradle
The Full Moon & a Fox
Solvitur Ambulando

North West Marine and Agronomy 1968
A Question about Two Smokers

Rosebud, South Dakota
Blood Moon
Driving West

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